About Us White Dove Releases

The white doves that are used for our dove releases are white homing pigeons that have been trained to return to their loft. These pigeons are capable of finding their way home from over 200 miles. These domestically raised birds pose no threat to humans or animals. They are vaccinated and wormed for disease on a regular schedule. They are fed a healthy diet and given vitamins daily. They have bath pans and they bathe and keep themselves clean as they love to do.

We love our birds so for their health and safety we limit the miles and time of their releases so they can return safely home before dusk.

Our white doves are special to us. We want them to be special to you also, by making every dove release beautiful and meaningful. We are so pleased to be able to offer this spiritual, memorable service so we can share in life's breathtaking moments with others.


We are also members of the Professional White Dove Association and the American White Dove Release Association.